Trigger Point Therapy

Are you a heavy lifter or athlete dealing with over worked muscles hat just ache and cramp, shooting pain day and night?

Our Trigger Point Therapy is the integration of both Trigger Point Massage and Sports Massage. As we incorporating these two powerful types of massage we are able to isolate and release the muscle causing your pain while providing you affective relief.

To avoid swelling, muscle tension and to continue the increase of blood flow to the healing areas, aftercare ointments will be applied as well as a  future treatment plan will be discussed to re-iterate the new muscle pattern. 
You will also be given exercises to perform throughout the days following your next appointment.

 This specialized combination of applied therapy and aftercare ointments will help you recover faster and get back to what you love in half the time.

Relieves, Increases, Benefits

Relieves; Swelling, Muscle Soreness, Muscle Spams, Lactic Acid Build Up, Elevates Tension, Increase; Blood Flow, Stimulates Growth and Elevates Pain, Balances Hormones, and Decreases Stress.


With our Trigger Point Therapy Massage we will be working at a much slower pace working with the deeper muscle’s through the body to engage and release the underlying points of muscle tension. 

Breath work is key with this therapeutic technique. You will be amazed by the incredible outcome this work will leave you with.

If you’re struggling with radiating pain and are ready to see a change in your body and health give us a call or book your appointment online today.

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