Spiritual Therapy

  • Treating the root of your pain while addressing your symptoms is where we will begin to integrate your complete restoration.

    Audrey DeWitt

  • Feel like you’ve never fully recovered from an injury?
    I know it can feel daunting, frightening, confusing or even impossible to get the help you need!

    The work I specialize in address a multitude of symptoms by releasing the tension and the corresponding strain the injury is causing the body. Through this specialized therapy we are able to begin the precess towards your full recovery. 

    Audrey DeWitt

  • All is in the all and all is connected 

    Audrey DeWitt

  • All you believe is possible, Yes it is possible!


Designed for Healing!

Anxiety - Trauma - Emotional Therapy

Cranial Sacral

We are energy in motion, spiritual beings that can be affected on a spiritual level from toxic environments and painful situations.

This Energetic Cleansing practice will incorporate hands on emotion release treatments, energetic cleansing, chakra re-opening and emotional coaching.

This Spiritual Therapy will brighten up your day, release stress and clear your mind, getting you back on your feet.

Anxiety & Depression

Life comes with times of stress, and stress can lead to body tension and anxiety. 

The therapy I have designed is to help you overcome the emotional and spiritual tension you are dealing with while addressing stress, anxiety, and the heaviness associated with depression.

The more we study the power of touch through the eyes of science, we find such a strong correlation between mental health, as well as chronic pain.
 As studies continue, researchers have been overwhelmed with the outstanding ways touch can evoke an increase of dopamine and serotonin throughout the body while promoting grounding balance, and inner peace within.

Trama Therapy

Integrated transformative body-work treats a variety of conditions including PTSD, anxiety disorders, Fibromyalgia, Recovery from surgery, Chronic and Acute injuries, and so many more conditions.

Through ITB we are able to uncover and release emotions and sensory material that may be unseen, inaccessible, or “held hostage” by the Fight/Flight/Freeze response linked to the body protection mechanism.

Being open to the experience and allowing conscious or unconscious acceptance of the traumatic event will release the trauma and begin the remodeling to one’s full recovery through mind, body, and spirit.

This work is not limited to the severity of the event, all who seek full healing are welcome to experience the journey to full recovery!

Wellness Therapy

Expand Your Healing

Hands on Massage

Working with modalities to ensure the best results for your essential healing while regenerating complete health

Energy Work

Realign and redesign your bodies natural healing cycle by incorporating fundamental therapy 

Thought Alchemy

Set yourself free from belief patterns that no longer serve you, become your greatest self.