Rehabilitation Massage

Accelerate your healing with our superior treatment, working against old injuries and healing new ones.

Enjoy the traditional time-tested benefits of our Rehabilitation Massage. Accelerate your healing with our superior Therapy. Our Rehabilitation Massage offers the ideal way to relax and recharge after a long day while soothing and relaxing muscles and tissue alike.

Relieves, Increases, Benefits

Reduces Inflammation throughout the body, Relieves Stress and Tension on the Body, Reduces Pain Symptoms, Helps Arthritis Pain/Symptoms, Breaks Down Scar Tissue, Increase Joint Mobility, Increases Circulation and Blood Flow, Reduces Lactic Acid Build up and Increases Grown and Healing Potential of Muscles. 


This specialized Rehabilitation Massage specifically targets the micro-tearing of muscle groups and connective tissue to increase blood flow and release tension to increase the rate of healing to speed full body recovery. Contact us at Nava Massage Therapy today for a complete description of all the benefits our services offer.

Working with neuromuscular techniques and trigger point therapy we will begin the healing process towards your full recovery. Give us a call today or book your appointment online.

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