Pain Therapy

Our Massage for Pain Relief is based around getting to the root of your pain and addressing the symptoms of the body as a whole.

We will be addressing the root causes and symptoms as well as addressing the referred pain you may be feeling. We will apply; acupressure therapy for pain relief, release the tension of the connective tissue in the affected areas, realign the the muscular structures, relieve the stress of the body in the area of pain, as well as apply after-care pain relief ointments to slow swelling and increase blood flow and oxogen. 

You will be given maintenance stretches to perform throughout the weeks following your next appointment to maintain the mobility and flexibility in the area referring pain.

Relieves, Increases, Benefits

Relieves; Swelling, Muscle Soreness, Muscle Spams, and Lactic Acid Build Up. Increase; Blood Flow, Circulation, Oxogen, Nutrient, Stimulates Growth and Elevates Pain, Balances Hormones, and Decreases Stress

Technique – We won’t claim to say we will be using Deep Tissue, Heavy Pressure or Light Pressure because we can’t know what your body will needs until we get our hands on the point of pain.

Our Pain Therapy Massage is based around your specific pain relief needs. With our pain Therapy treatment we will incorporating several techniques to ease the pain and tension, while relieving the swelling and increasing circulation.

Give us a call today (850-791-8404) or book your appointment online and let’s begin to start easing that pain off.

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