Audrey DeWitt

  • Treating the root of your pain while addressing your symptoms is where we will begin to integrate your complete muscular restoration.

    Audrey DeWitt

  • Feel like you’ve never fully recovered from an injury?
    I know it can feel daunting, frightening, confusing or even impossible to get the help you need!

    The work we specialize in address a multitude of symptoms by releasing the tension and the corresponding strain the injury is causing the body. Through this specialized therapy we are able to begin the precess towards your full recovery. 

    Audrey DeWitt

  • All is in the all and all is connected 

    Audrey DeWitt

  • Are you ready to completely heal? All you believe is possible, Yes it is possible!



Therapist - Owner - Alchemist

In the Pursuit of exponential multi demential healing, I have sought educational courses worldwide working and training next to Chiropractors, NaturalPath Doctors, Nutritionalist, Spiritual Coaches, Life Coaches and Yoga instructors.

Though the transformational experience of my studies and training I have come to a place within my practice where I can teach, support and activate healing through the body at the most causal level. 


Expansion of Healing

I started practicing hands on work when I was 7yrs, I felt I had this gift, able to give healing through my hands. Little did we understand this was the beginning of my intuitive hands on bodywork and energy therapy.

Through my childhood of living overseas as a missionary kid living through life shattering traumas my own personal healing had to take place in a physical space. At 18yrs, my body, organs, digestion and endurance for life came to a plummeting crash. What I understand now is I had unresolved stuffed emotional traumas that where running my body sick on an emotional subterraneous level.

As I have studied to understand the core of where disease comes from and what pain truly is I have come to a new ability to grasp the understanding of what Einstein once said, “Everything is Energy.” As I sift through the web to see who originally spoke, “Emotion is simply energy in motion, e-motion,” I see that this has been a topic for so long in our society. My work in; Coaching, Hands on Body Work and Thought Coaching has been developing right along side all of these Emotional, Spiritual and Body revelation to how as a growing awakening society we can honor our body and support our human systems while moving deeper into a new conscious awareness to how the Mind, Spirit, Body function as one.


Getting in Touch

Currently I am readily available to provide Thought Alchemy and Body Coaching sessions over either Skype, FaceTime or the phone. Through a remote coaching sessions we will have the opportunity to analyze the body for pain as the emotional response, while addressing the symptom at the causal level to  begin the transformation for a better future outcome. 

Contact Me Directly By:
Text: 850-791-8404 Skype: dewittaudrey